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Hey, home cook!

Ready to power up your meals with seaweed?

According to the Centers for Disease Control,

About 90% of Americans consume too much sodium.

The American diet is sodium heavy and nutrient poor. Our sea vegetable-based seasonings make it easy for you to cut back on sodium and add more nutrients to your meals in just one step — without sacrificing flavor.

At Seaweed for the People™, our mission is to make it FUN and EASY for you to integrate seaweed into your diet, because the health benefits are well worth it!

Atlantic Wakame Soup Booster™

Our Atlantic Wakame Soup Booster™ pure kelp flakes can add sea vegetable goodness to your soups, sauces, broths, and more. Make seaweed butter, sprinkle it on rice, and enjoy the salt-like flavor.

Cinnamon Seaweed Smoothie Blast™

Our Cinnamon Seaweed Smoothie Blast™ powers up your smoothies and other breakfast foods with fragrant ginger spice flavor. Use it in overnight oats, yogurt, and even your coffee!

Power Kelp Seasoning™

Our savory Power Kelp Seasoning allows you to infuse your meat and vegetables with umami depth. Our customers like to use it on everything from scrambled eggs to Thanksgiving stuffing!

Sugar Kelp Bean Buster™

Bust the Gas Out of Your Beans

With our Sugar Kelp Bean Buster™, you can eat beans without suffering from pesky digestive upset. Just cook them with our sugar kelp, which breaks down the gas-producing raffinose sugars in the beans. You don't even have to soak them overnight!

Great days start and finish at your table.

Nutritious, delicious meals can positively alter the course of your day. That's why you'll love using our sea vegetable-based seasonings, which are flavorful, low in sodium, and have NO modified or hard-to-pronounce ingredients. Get what you need with the Seaweed Sampler, our most popular item.

I have a smoothie almost every day, and the Cinnamon Seaweed Smoothie Blast is a great addition that adds the flavor of cinnamon and NOT seaweed! I love making my smoothie as healthy as I can, and this adds the magnesium and iron I need! Just 1 tsp and it's good to go.
We make a lot of soups and have enjoyed using the Atlantic Wakame Soup Booster. I love the flavor it adds and it makes me happy knowing my family is getting so many added nutrients.
It’s the best multi-purpose seasoning!
I've used the Power Kelp Seasoning for grilling — it was fantastic on pork chops! I love that I didn't need to use any additional salt and the flavor was spot on. My favorite so far is the Atlantic Wakame Soup Booster. On my first use, I added it to potato soup, and I don't think I'll ever make it again without it! Since then, I've used it in everything from Chili to Creamy Tortellini Soup to Spaghetti Sauce. We love it.
Would be lying if I said I wasn’t iffy on what seaweed seasoning would taste like BUT this ish is the JAM. Brought our soup game to a whole new level. Will use it on our pan roasted chicken tomorrow.
Overall we know we have too much sodium in our diets. Using Power Kelp Seasoning instead of salt or other seasoning has just been a lot better for our health. We're glad we have an easy alternative that tastes just as good as any other options we've previously used.
I like my coffee black, but putting a small spoonful of the Cinnamon Seaweed Smoothie Blast gives it a perfect flavor edge without adding sugar. … I now almost use it daily in my morning coffee.
We’ve used the Cinnamon Seaweed Smoothie Blast in our mixed berry power green smoothies. I LOVE the slight spice and sweetness that it adds to my smoothies. It’s also a bonus to get some additional greens into my diet!

The World Needs More Seaweed

You can feel great about eating seaweed, but not just because it’s beneficial to your health. It's also excellent for the environment.

First, it's farmed and harvested sustainably from the ocean, which means:

  • No Pesticides
  • No Fertilizers
  • No Fresh Water Needed

Second, as it grows, it absorbs the greenhouse gases that are harming marine life, taking in carbon dioxide at 50x the rate of land forests!

The more seaweed we grow, the healthier our planet will be for future generations. But we can't grow more unless there's more demand. That's how YOU can make a difference!

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With our seasonings, you can add flavor + nutrients to your meals in just one step