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The Future Is Delicious, More Nutritious Food for Everyone. That’s Where Kelp Can Help.

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I’m Anna McKenzie, Founder and “SEA”-EO of Seaweed for the People™. We want to make great seaweed products accessible to you. Here’s why…

Seaweed is also a climate-protecting powerhouse.

  • It absorbs greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide at 50x the rate of land forests.
  • It reverses ocean dead zones, deacidifying the water so that coral reefs and other marine life can thrive.
  • Feeding seaweed to cows reduces their methane output by up to 85%.
  • Seaweed eats up phosphorus and nitrogen, converting them to nutrients. These nutrients make the seaweed as suitable for people food as for plant food, meaning that it can also be used as a natural fertilizer and even as a non-chemical anti-fungal pesticide.

Seaweed can be farmed sustainably.

  • It requires no fertilizer.
  • It requires no pesticides.
  • It requires no fresh water or irrigation systems.
  • It grows fast — some varieties grow at a rate of 2 feet per day.
  • It can be grown safely in the ocean, just off the coast. Those who once made their lives as fishermen can now leave the dangers of open water and farm seaweed, which is a low-barrier venture that can supply a decent income.

Seaweed has the potential to shape our ocean ecosystems and world economy.

Seaweed has so much potential — and can do so much good for people and our planet — that the U.N. Global Compact published a report in 2020 called The Seaweed Revolution.” The report “defines a vision for the seaweed industry: an upscaled, responsible and restorative seaweed industry, playing a globally significant role in food security, climate change mitigation, and support to the marine ecosystem, as well as contributing to job-creation and poverty alleviation.”

According to the Safe Seaweed Coalition, seaweed can add 10% to the world’s present supply of food using just 0.03% of the oceans’ surface.

According to TIME Magazine, “...growing ‘sea-vegetable’ farms totaling 180,000 square kilometers — roughly the size of Washington State — could provide enough protein for the entire world.”

A Little Bit of Kelp for All of Us

This is why Seaweed for the People™ exists.

If we want a healthier world, we need to spread the word about all that seaweed can do — and start building up our seaweed farming industry here in the West, which is still emerging. 

But first, you need access to Western-grown seaweed… and easy, tasty ways to use it. 

That’s why it’s our mission to make it FUN and EASY for you to integrate seaweed into your diet and your day so that together, we can make a positive impact on our world.

The more you buy from us, the more we buy from farmers. As we create demand, we open the market to those who want to start farms. We make it a more stable venture, with greater options for processing and distribution.

A little bit of kelp for all of us means a whole lot of goodness for the world.

Your Eating Habits Shape the World

Organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free… those options used to be few and far between at major grocery chains. Now they’re fairly common, and it’s because YOU created demand for those products. Retailers listened!

The same is true for products like seaweed. Together, we’ll create demand for nutritious, flavorful seaweed products so that our seaweed farming industry grows and everyone — you, your family, our economy, and our planet — is better off.

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